Panka Lovarda
Panka Lovarda


My area is primarily recreational and touring riding, but I can also teach a suitable base for competitive sports.
Lunge training
(for beginners and re-beginners. Lunge training takes place in the framework of private lessons. The rider learns to sit on the horse in balance, safely without hindering the horse. Lunge training is time-consuming, it depends on the rider how long it lasts. Horse and his rider get to know each other during the sessions, a relationship is formed and continuously built, which makes riding harmonious in the future.)
Riding in class
(If the rider has already mastered the correct sitting in lunge training and the right boot and stem aids, then he/she can ride already in a class. During class riding we ride various hoof figures both in stride, canter and gallop, as well as get acquainted with walking school, and then may come jumping of smaller obstacles. During class riding, you ride several horses and together with several riders, so you need to pay attention to your companions and their horses. During riding sessions, the “right-hand meet” rule applies, meaning that riders arriving opposite each other in the same gait pass each other from the right side. The rider in the higher walking mode travels on the outer hoof track, while the rider in the lower walking mode travels on the inner hoof.)
Field riding
(Field riding provides the greatest feeling of freedom for both horse and rider. You can experience the outdoors, forest and field galloping experience among the hills of Zala and admire the unique beauty of nature. We often see deer, roe deer and smaller animals. Only for advanced riders!)
Tour horseback riding
(organizing and conducting single or multi-day tours by appointment and on demand. For advanced riders only! You can take part in our tours with your own horse!)
Equestrian picnic, carriage coaching
Galambok and Zalakaros, in the forests of Zala, in closed gardens, even with wine tasting, in all seasons. By prior arrangement, only for advanced riders!

non-riders can follow their equestrian family members with the carriage through the hills and enclosed gardens. This service is not always available, please let us know if you need it in advance!
Organization of summer riding camps
can be arranged both in day-care and residential form
Organization of orientation equestrian competitions
We provide accommodation for the participants of the competition on request, or the possibility to place their horses in boxing or paddock.